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Massages for manicure

The skin of the hands is one of the areas most affected by environmental and chemical attacks. If you do not protect crack, dehydrated and become rough to the touch
The skin of the hands is one of the areas most affected by environmental and chemical attacks. If you do not protect crack, dehydrated and become rough to the touch. To avoid this, we can take care of performing a massage with moisturizers after each manicure.
It is time to think in a very important part of our body is the skin of our hands. We are professional cosmetic hand and, therefore, we must keep your skin in perfect condition.The hands are exposed to more attacks than the rest of the body to always be discovered. Environmental aggressions (such as cold, heat, solar radiation) and chemical attack (such as soaps, or detergents), cause dehydration of the epidermis, the delipidation of the emulsion hydrolipid and disorders of pigmentation.

The combination of these actions results in the drying of the skin and unprotected. In these cases, the dermis has a dry, red, rough to the touch and with small cracks and fissures. Also, the skin of the hands is one of the most charged over time and their status can indicate the age of a person. During aging, the skin undergoes a series of alterations in the epidermis and dermis, while there is a reduction of subcutaneous fat, wrinkles, pigmentation marks, etc.. To ensure that our hands are in perfect condition, it is necessary to follow a series of aesthetic combined with massage therapy for your optimum results. So, after a manicure and have sculpted nails, we will finish the treatment with a massage to relax body and mind.

Importance of massage

A massage is a combination of movements to manipulate tissues and obtain total or local effects. These range from soft touches to vigorous friction, depending on the desired effect. A massage has an immediate effect and physiological located in the body part you work, and this also affects the whole body through stimulation and relaxation of the nerve endings.
The results of massage are doubly. You get one hand physiological benefits, as they affect the body's physical structure, and secondly, because they affect the psychological mind. When the body is massaged, the mechanism of physical actions during tissue manipulation affecting this part located by nerve stimulation (the response of the nerve endings to touch and movement) and this affects the entire body. The effects of massage can be divided into: structural (physiological or psychological effects) and temporal (short and long term).

Physiological benefits

The results can have the massage in our body are extraordinary and, depending on the type of massage can be long or short term.

In the short term

Massage helps to achieve general relaxation while:
Improves skin color by removing dead cells, improves circulation and helps better transporting nutrients and oxygen to cells.
Improves breathing, making it deeper and more efficient, therefore more relaxed.
Improves lymphatic drainage and reduce swelling.
Helps reduce muscle fatigue, pain and stiffness.
Helps reduce fatigue and joint pain.
Relaxes or stimulates the nervous system (depending on the type of massage applied)
Help you sleep and speeds digestion
In the long term
One of the most important results achieved by the practice of a massage is decreased blood pressure but also helps:
Improve the skin elasticity and shape muscle
Improve circulation and immune system
Improve neural communication and relax the nervous system
Performs better and more effective breathing
Help reduce insomnia
Balance the digestive system
Psychological benefits
But a massage not only benefits the body but also helps to relax the mind in the short and long term.
In the short term

A massage helps to:

Relax the body and reduce tension and stress effects
Relax the mind and reduce anxiety and its effects
Soothe and comfort the patient
Enhance positive feelings
Increase energy and invigorate all body systems reducing fatigue
In the long term
Are very favorable to the intellect because thanks to his practice is achieved:
Keeping the mind and body relaxation
Improve body image and realize it does, thereby enhancing self-esteem.
Increase energy levels, because less energy is used in keeping the body tense and stressed
Normally, we use the necessary equipment consists of a hand disinfectant wipe and a special cream to moisturize, nourish and is enriched with antioxidants. Whenever we place ourselves in front of the client or in a position that allows us to perform massage without creating problems or discomfort. We do a manicure table or relax in an armchair.
Key elements for massage
Making contact: this is the first meeting with our customer is very important. We must not lose touch during the session, if they had to stop at some point, will always remain close physical contact with the arm or hand.
Intensity: should be rhythmic, continuous and seamlessly. It will begin and end the session with gentle movements, which produce light and surface relaxation of the client. We should never cause pain.
Pace: the pace is fast massage which have stimulating effect, while those with a slow and deliberate causes sedation and relaxation.
Time: the duration of the session will depend on the treatment area.
Address: normally take the centripetal direction, ie in the direction of the return circulation, which promotes relaxation and blood circulation, easing the veins and lymphatic vessels. Only when there is any area to be heated centrifugal maneuvers are performed to the extremities, which favor the flow of blood to them.
In a massage session should follow a protocol to increase the benefits that this practice brings about our client.

Step 1. Extension of the cream

To begin, we will establish prior contact between our hands and the person who receives it. This will serve to establish a sensory communication between the two and for a body awareness. The client must leave the hand relaxed and, at this time, we will apply the cream through a call extension movement of the cream or eufflerage, slow, shallow, centripetal direction (toward the heart), which helps the distribution of cream.

Step 2. Rub

We will continue with a rub on the inner surface of the forearm, elbow flexure circles and descend, going by the thumb. Then we will have a rub on the outside of the upper arm Elbow circles and come out for the little finger.

Step 3. Venous emptying and digital friction polish.

I develop with both hands and with moderate pressure in centripetal direction to promote the return of blood flow. Then we circle with thumbs rubbing with both hands at once to hydrate the entire nail plate and cuticle.

Step 4. Circular friction

We will conduct a circular friction with your thumbs on the joints, starting from the distal, and the spaces between the fingers, both hands at once. Also perform friction in the back and palm of the hand with the thumbs alternately. Finally, the friction will be in form of a glove, ie the client's hand will be vertical. Will hold it with one hand wrist with the other finger to glide your finger up to the forearm.

Step 5. Flexion, extension and rotation of the finger joints

Finger to finger do this maneuver to promote joint flexibility.

Step 6. Screw-shaped maneuver

Twisting motion and stretching downward, it will develop with the index and middle fingers on your web space.

Step 7. Flexion, extension and rotation of the wrist

We will carry on the joint of the hand, favoring the flexibility of the joint.

Step 8. Relaxation of the hand

Will hold it the thumb of the client with our thumb and little finger with the other thumb, make reciprocating motion. Finishing with slides, and a eufflerage vibracions end.

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